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What are Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin faucets are websites that pay you out a small amount of bitcoin every time you collect a dispense. They collect revenue from the advertisements placed on the website. They share the revenue with you. There are thousands of faucets online. However, only a select few are worth collecting from.


  1. To get your feet wet with bitcoin: faucets are an awesome approach to welcome new users to the crypto community. Many faucets have a quick blurb (example, scroll down the page to see) about what Bitcoin is. This can intrigue a new user and lead them to read more about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as a whole.
  2. Lots of traffic: faucets are high traffic websites. It isn’t too hard to get an immense number of website visits every day that gives away free money. It’s free. Cryptocurrency related companies can use faucets to get their brand name out there in a good light.
  3. To profit: faucets are a revenue sharing platform. Like stated above, the owner(s) give the users a cut of the profits from their advertisements to keep them coming back. The more you make, the more they make. However, with tens of thousands of faucets across the internet, it is a very cut-throat and aggressive market. Only the experienced or the ones who have the right connections will make money with a faucet.

Referral system

The best way of advertising is free advertising: why not have your customers take care of that for you? That’s why nearly every single faucet online has a referral system. Faucets offer a bonus for bringing a new user to their website. For every faucet claim your referrals make, that faucet will pay you a small bonus. They add up over time, especially if you have a lot of referrals.

Revenue Model


The only expense plain faucet websites have are the payouts. That is the incentive for users to keep on coming back. Without the payouts, no one would visit the site. Without visitors, there would be no income from the ads. The entire faucet could go bankrupt in vanish in the blink of an eye.


Every faucet online makes money from banner advertisements. Some take it to the next level and implement pop-up ads because they make a lot more money than a traditional banner ad. Hi/Lo dice games, offerwalls, and other casino games are not unusual to see on top-notch faucet websites. Having those makes their faucet unique, allows for more streams of income, and attracts even more users.

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